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 Lastminute travel & Holiday offers for Greece & Cyprus
Real Time discounted hotel accommodation rates, Lastminute airline tickets, Taxi reservations, Ferries routes in Greece, Greek Islands, car rental offers

Hotels in Greece & Cyprus. Discount Offers

Kalimera Kos (Kos)
4* hotel, in magnificent island of Kos. Book hotel
Sani Beach Club/ Sani Resort (Halkidiki)
4* impressive world class hotel, golden sandy beach excellent services. Book hotel
Heronissos (Crete)
3* hotel, in the most attractive tourist resort of Crete with outstanding nightlife. Book hotel




Science & Technology
Park of Crete

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Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare (Rhodes)
Aldemar Paradise Hotel
5* hotel, grand hotel ideal for spending a long, pleasant and relaxing holiday. Book hotel


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